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How to Set Up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to Your Page

The ability to track the way users interact with your website is one of the core practices of being an effective digital marketer. In case you missed 2014, the year of marketing data (Forbes) fear not! You can set up AdWords conversion tracking in less than 3 minutes by following this step-by-step walkthrough.

Step 1: Access the Conversions Toolbox

  • From your AdWords Dashboard, click the [Tools] tab atop the page
  • Select [Conversions]

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.45.34 AM

  • Select: +CONVERSION button
  • Select “Website Conversion”:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.52.52 AM

Step 2: Customize Your Conversion

  • Name your conversion: describe what action you are tracking
  • Give your Conversion a monetary value: If your conversion is a sale or subscription, you can add a value directly into AdWords
  • Click “Done”
  • Click “Save & Continue”

Step 3: Placing the Conversion Tracking Code

  • Copy the Script
  • Where do I place my AdWords Conversion Tracking Code?
  • On Page: In order for AdWords to properly track your conversions, you need to place the conversion tracking script on the final page of your funnel. This is the page users hit AFTER they complete your action. Some examples include:
    • Your “Success” Page
    • Your “Thank You” Page
    • Your “URL” redirection destination
  • Script Placement: On the action completion page mentioned above, PASTE the script inbetween your <body></body> tags
    • Chrome User BONUS: You can use this chrome extension to confirm correct placement
    • WordPress User BONUS: check out this plug-in to quickly add conversion scripts to your page
    • Shopify User BONUS: Generate your code as mentioned above. Then follow these quick steps to set up your adwords conversion tracking snippet in Shopify:
      1. Admin > Settings > Checkout = Shortcut G > S > C
        shopify settings
      2. Scroll down to Order Processing to Additional Content & Scripts 
      3. PASTE your AdWords script in the Additional Content & Scripts text box
      4. Replace:
        var google_conversion_value = 1;

        With this snippet:

        if ({{ subtotal_price }}) { var google_conversion_value = {{ subtotal_price | money_without_currency }}; }
      5. To include taxes & shipping information in the conversion amount, SKIP STEP 4, and replace:
        var google_conversion_value = 1;

        With this code:

        if ({{ total_price }}) { var google_conversion_value = {{ total_price | money_without_currency }}; } 
      6. To assure that JavaScript disabled browsers are tracked, replace
        With this:

        value={{ subtotal_price | money_without_currency }}
      7. For more questions, checkout Shopify’s blog


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2 responses to “How to Set Up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to Your Page

  1. This worked great for me thanks! However, one little discrepancy in my code versus what you have here. My adwords code is:
    var google_conversion_value = 1.00;
    and yours is:
    var google_conversion_value = 1;

    Thanks Bobby!

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