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How to Apply the AdWords Shared Budget Tool

The AdWords Shared Budget tool might just be the greatest AdWords tool to get overlooked by advertisers. Ok, so it may not be the greatest (the award should go to the Search Terms Report), but it’s definitely close.

adwords shared budget

Businesses that are looking to simplify campaign management can use the AdWords Shared Budget tool to do exactly what the name implies – create multiple campaigns that share a single budget. This can be an incredibly useful tool if you have more than one campaign that needs a fixed budget, but you don’t care which one of those campaigns drive all the performance.

Getting Up and Running with the AdWords Shared Budget Tool

To get up and running with the AdWords Shared Budget tool, simply watch our simple walkthrough video or follow these steps:

  • From your AdWords home screen, click “Shared Library” on the bottom left hand side of your screen.
  • Click the blue “View” button under “Budgets
  • Click on the red “+Budget” button
  • Name the budget
  • Add a shared budget amount
  • Click Save

There are two ways you can apply your shared budget once it has been created. The first way is pretty simple:

  • Click back into the budget you created
  • Click the grey “Apply to campaigns” dropdown
  • Select the campaigns you want to add the shared budget to by clicking on the double arrows
  • Click “Save”

The second way to add a Shared Budget to your campaign is just as simple, but requires an existing Shared Budget to have been created in Shared Library:

  • Select the campaign you want to add a Shared Budget to
  • Click the “Settings” tab
  • Scroll down until you reach “Budget”
  • Click “Edit” and then “Apply budget from Shared Library”
  • Select the Shared Budget for that campaign
  • Click the blue “Save” button

To double check that the Shared Budget has been applied, look at the “Budget” column at the account level. The campaigns that have a Shared Budget will have the same budget name in the column.

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