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Biggest Takeaways from Google Marketing Live – 2018 Recording and Recap

2018 Google Marketing Live Event Details:

  • When? July 10th, 2018 @ 9AM PT / 12PM ET
  • Where? YouTube Live
  • Participate on Twitter: #GoogleMarketingLive

Google Marketing Live 2018 – {LIVE UPDATES}

Just a week before Google Marketing Live, Google announced a total rebrand of its advertising and marketing products under the new name: Google Ads

Google Ads Google AdWords Rebrand Logo Animation

Top Moments from Google Marketing Live

As compared to 5 years ago, there are a billion more people on the internet today. There are 2x as many people on smart phones.

-Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President Ads

3 Huge YouTube Updates at Google Marketing Live

YouTube is home to over 1.9 billion monthly users, where people from all around the world spend more than 1 billion hours watching videos on the platform every day. With that, Google is announcing three major updates that’ll play a huge role in YouTube’s advertising products moving forward.

TrueView for Reach

The first update is the introduction of TrueView ads for reach. YouTube is a 95% viewable, 95% audible environment, which YouTube flaunts as a perfect place for advertisers to ensure that their ads are shown. Trueview is the facilitator of that promise, where advertisers pay only when an ad is seen.

Trueview for Reach

In this new update, YouTube now allows advertisers to create TrueView campaigns to maximize reach. For example, Dick’s Sporting Goods wanted to reach in-market consumers during the holidays. They used TrueView for Reach to build top-of-funnel interests with in-Market Audiences. By utilizing TrueView for Action of the most engaged users, they saw a ROAS of 10:1.

TrueView for Action

TrueView for Action drives consumer action by allowing advertisers to place a branded banner tailored to a specific call-to-action button. YouTube embedding form fills directly to videos is helping advertisers reduce as much conversion friction as possible.

In the Marketing Live 2018 presentation, Google used Master Class as a case study, claiming that their TrueView for Action campaign increased sign-ups by 140%.

Maximize Brand Lift Bidding

Google is making a serious attempt to create actionable metrics to measure the effectiveness and strength of a brand through lift bidding. Google combines survey data and search data to see how well people are responding to your brand’s messaging, and helps give metrics around where your audience lies in the customer journey.

Brand Lift Bidding

What all these buzzwords boils down to is this: you can advertise on YouTube with the goal of shifting the general perception of your brand.

3 Biggest Search Ads Updates at Google Marketing Live

Let’s count how many times Anthony Chavez and his Googler friends say machine learning:

Machine Learning Counter: 9

  • Anthony Chavez, Product Management Director, Google Ads

Responsive Search Ads

There’s quite a bit of meat to chew off here. Google is making a strong statement here that the Google Ads product is not merely a rebrand, but also a tectonic shift in how they want to run their ad business. Let’s start with the changes they’ve made with their biggest revenue driver, Search Ads.


First, Google is pushing harder and harder on automated advertising options, by providing easier ways to create campaigns. Advertisers can now create Responsive Search Ads, where you can input up to 15 headlines and 4 description lines, and have Google mix and match the 3 best headlines and 2 best description lines for you.

Google is also changing the specs for Search Ads. Advertisers can now create up three  30-character headlines, and two 90-character descriptions. Google wants to provide more options and real estate for advertisers to advertise their core features and benefits that’ll resonate best with users.

Responsive Search Ads will be rolled out to English Language advertisers in the next few months and will expand throughout the rest of 2018.

Mobile Landing Page Speed Score

Google also announced a landing page speed score, that’ll ultimately help advertisers better optimize their web experiences for a smartphone-riddled world. This scale is based on page speed and conversion rates, ranging from ‘very slow’ to ‘extremely fast’ on a 10-point scale. These metrics will be updated daily.

91% of smartphone owners bought or plan to buy after seeing an ad they deemed relevant to them

Nicky Rettke, Group Product Manager, Video Ads

Measurement Across Devices: Cross-Device Reporting and Remarketing

Advertisers using the New AdWords experience can now advertise, remarket, and report across devices, providing a “comprehensive view of your customers.”

Improvements to Advertiser Tools for Small Businesses

This segment gave an awesome point of view from Kim Spalding, current Director of Small Business Ads, and former small business owner. Google is aggressively pushing out ‘Smart Campaigns’ which makes ad creation simple for first-time users. First time users include small businesses, flooring stores in Orlando, flooring stores in Sarasota and other local retailers.

Smart Campaigns for Small Businesses

Smart Campaigns are simple, saves you a ton of time, and delivers results like phone calls, website actions, and in-store visits.

Smart shopping campaigns

Half of small businesses in the U.S. do not have a website, and many SMBs are afraid to take their first step in investing in digital advertising. With Smart Campaigns, Google automatically creates sample ads from your website across local search, Google Search, and 3,000,000 sites and apps on Google Display, making it a no-brainer for SMBs to test out the Google Ads platform.

Google claims that the combination of these two make advertisers 3x better at getting ads in front of the right audience.

FIVE! New Announcements for Google Shopping and Local Businesses

Producer: Philip McDonnell, Group Product Manager, Google Ads

Automated Feed for New Google Shopping Users

  • Builds a feed from your website to get your feed initially uploaded

Smart Shopping Campaigns

  • Includes display remarketing
  • 20% increase in conversion value at a similar cost when using Smart Shopping Campaigns

eCommerce Platform Integrations

New Business Goals for Smart Shopping Campaigns

  • 3/4 people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours
  • New Goal #1: Driving Store Visits
  • New Goal #2: Customer Acquisition

New Campaign Type: Local Campaigns

  • Across networks: Search, Maps, Places Pages, Display, and YouTube

Hotel Campaigns

Google is introducing a new integration for hotels on Google Search and Google Maps, across all devices. Hotel Ads allow guests to book right on Google, significantly reducing friction for that coveted conversion.

Introducing the NEW Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform unifies Google’s advertising and analytics platforms into a single solution. A complete set of tools that work together to help you plan, buy, measure, and optimize media experiences for your users.

Google Marketing Platform brings together these popular Google Marketing products:

  • Google Analytics 360
  • Google Optimize 360
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Surveys 360
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google DoubleClick
    • The Google DoubleClick brand is going away. Ending its 22-year run.
  • Search Ads 360 is the new name for DoubleClick Search
  • Display and Video 360 brings in campaign manager, audience center, studio center, and display
  • New Capabilities to Google Marketing Platform
    • To fit the needs of better fitting your customers, they built a new integration center to connect products and share insights.

What is Google Marketing Live?

Google Marketing Live is Google’s annual live keynote event where Google engineers, product leaders, and advertising experts announce the latest innovations and product announcements for their line of Google Ads, Analytics Suite, and other marketing technologies.

View Past Google Marketing Live Events Here:

Instagram Tax!

We had a blast reporting from Google Marketing Live in San Jose!

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