How to Hack AdWords for Your Startup – Slides, Video Walkthrough, Guide, and Additional Resources

During Techstars, we validated two things from our time on the AdWords team at Google:

  1. Paid advertising is a lucrative channel for achieving the hockey stick growth model we all crave
  2. AdWords is just as mysterious to Bob’s Bait Shop as it is for the savviest of tech entrepreneurs

Though we help manage, analyze, and optimize a business’ existing advertising accounts, many of the startups we encounter need help starting their VERY FIRST campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Digital Advertising GifHelping businesses make sense of digital advertising is our personal vendetta. We’ve presented this guide to hundreds of entrepreneurs at Techstars, Galvanize, and 500Startups. Check out the slides below and get ready to break down some barriers, skip the learning curve, and hack Google AdWords for your startup:

Before we begin. If you have specific questions that we don’t get to, tweet at us @AdHawk

SLIDESHARE SLIDES: Hack Google AdWords For Your Startup

hack google adwords for your business

Google AdWords Tutorials:

Top Resources

The Basics

Search Fundamentals

 Setting Up Extensions

Understanding Targeting and Bid Adjustments

Display Fundamentals

YouTube/Gmail Ads Fundamentals

Bidding Strategies

Conversion Tracking

Past Presentations:

How to Hack AdWords For Your Startup in 2018 – Live Event in NYC

Who: AdHawk’s CEO Todd Saunders joins the great folks at Spark Labs NYC
What: A presentation and discussion about growing your startup with Google AdWords
When: Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 from 6:00PM-7:30PM
Where: Spark Labs Bryant Park, 25 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018 – DIRECTIONS

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About Your Hosts:
Our CEO Todd Saunders will be presenting on Hacking Google AdWords For Your Startup. Both he and our COO Dan Pratt previously worked (and met!) at Google on the Adwords Accelerated Growth Team for over two years. He has experience helping startups scale their online advertising starting from $1000/month up to $1,000,000 in ad spend.
SparkLabs, who is generous enough to host us in their Bryant Park office, is a great resource offering the best tech and media coworking ecosystems across the country and around the world. They have offices on almost every continent and they offer monthly memberships for everyone from explorer to enterprise.


About the Author

Todd is the co-founder and CEO of AdHawk. Prior to starting AdHawk, he was a founding member of the Accelerated Growth team at Google, a division of the AdWords team dedicated to helping startups rapidly scale their business. When he’s not experimenting with new campaign strategies, you can find him hustling to find the next diamond in the rough for his fantasy baseball team.