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How to Set Up Gmail Ads in Google AdWords

Let’s cut the cheesy hook and get right down to business. Google recently launched a brand new way to advertise in the email inboxes of highly targeted audiences. Regardless of your opinion as to what’s fair ad real estate, if you can’t beat ’em, may as well join ’em and learn how to use Gmail Ads on AdWords for your business.

Introducing Gmail Ads, also known as:

  • Gmail Sponsored Promotions
  • GSPs
  • the “yellow ads in my inbox”
  • or “how’d this get here”?

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Currently, Gmail Ads are one of the cheapest, most granularly targeted options for driving relevant traffic to your website. You can target customers based on who is sending them emails, or the content of the email itself.

To learn how to set up Gmail Ads in under 3 minutes, watch the video below or follow these instructions.

How to Set Up Gmail Ads in AdWords

  1. Start by setting up a display campaign
  2. Campaign Structure – Start from the AdWords Dashboard
    • Select & Click the campaign you’d like to show in the promotions tab
    • Select the  Display Network  tab
    • Click  Placements 
    • Click the  +TARGETING  button
  3. Set up Inbox targeting
    •   Choose…  the ad group for targeting
    • Select  Placements 
    • Select  + Multiple placements 
    • Type:
    • Save your placement
  4. Choose who you’re targeting
    • Stay in the  Display Network  view
      • Select the  Display keywords  tab
      • Click the  +TARGETING  button
  5. Enter Gmail-specific match type keywords
    • Choose your Ad Group for targeting
    • Go to  Display keywords 
    • Choose from these two Keyword Match Types to guide your keyword entry:
      1. Content: Target users based on the keywords in their email. For example if you want to target people who are talking about digital advertising, add “digital advertising” as a keyword.
        • ** More on keyword match types, here
      2. From Sender: Target users based on who they are getting emails from. For example if you want to target people that are getting emails from Amazon, add “” as a keyword
        • Type the email handle without the @ symbol
        • To target messages sent from… type:
    •  Save   your campaign
  6. Email us – – for consultation on how to make the most of Gmail ads for your businses

How are you leveraging Gmail Ads? Let us know in the comments or reach out on Twitter @adhawk

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