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How to Turn off Mobile Ads on Google AdWords

We now live in the aftermath of Google’s Mobilegeddon – a progressive initiative from Google Search to rank sites that aren’t optimized for mobile lower on the search results page (aka: penalize your site).

As a result, you and your business fall under 3 relationship statuses with Google:

  1. Single & Mingling, separately: I know you thought what you had was special by setting up that site, but things have changed.
  2. Friends:  *Thumbscroll please* You’re Mobile Optimized!
  3. It’s Complicated: Not sure where you stand. You’re set for the long run, Google might think otherwise.

Well, folks, there’s an app for eliminating the uncertainty of #3 for you. Simply type in your URL over on this Google Developer web app to see where you stand.

Our Mobile Friendly Site
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Google’s move towards mobile has spread beyond Search Rank and influenced the way AdWords Ads are placed on various devices. In fact, when you create an ad within AdWords, it is automatically set to show on mobile devices. This is one of 4 major default settings AdWords applies to all new campaigns that can hurt your ROI.

How to Turn off Mobile Ads on Google AdWords:

  1. Click into the desired campaign
  2. Click on the  Settings tab
  3. Beneath Settings, click Devices
  4. Find the small hyphen in the  Bid adj. column
  5. In the pop-up, enter: “Decrease by: 100%”

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