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How to Use the Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool in Google AdWords

We’ve all Googled ourselves. That’s a fact and don’t tell me otherwise. And if you’re like me, you’ve also searched certain keywords, broad and exact, to check the rank of your web page or search ad. This practice is both time-consuming and confined to your current location and device.

Google offers an emulator called the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool that simulates the Google Search network to preview your ads before you send them live & tell you how your existing ads are positioned relative for certain search terms.

The major benefits of the Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool:

  • “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” – Ice Cube. As with anything, giving yourself an opportunity to check the status of your Ads before you send things live helps inform your targeting decision
  • See your position against competitors and organic search results. You may discover that you want to spend a little more time on your ad copy to improve quality score or increase your budget to gain a more desirable position
  • Break down by device
  • Check how your ad appears for different languages
  • Know how you’re doing in locations other than your own

How to preview your ads before you set your campaign live:

  1. From the main AdWords Dashboard go to  Tools  on the top toolbar
  2. Select Ad Preview & Diagnosis 
  3. This opens an ad-space emulator that tells you whether or not your ad is showing for certain search terms under a variety of variables such as:

For any questions about digital advertising or how to use the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool in Google AdWords, feel free to reach out on twitter @AdHawk

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