Google Search is getting a major facelift – removing side ads from search results worldwide. The news is spreading quickly among advertisers, seeing as this is one of the most significant changes to Search since its inception in 2000. A Google spokesperson confirmed with SearchEngineLand that the right side of desktop search results will still contain:

  1. Product Listing Ad boxes (which you can learn more about here)
  2. Ads in the Knowledge Panel (3)

There are a number of questions and possible implications buzzing around the ads community. Here’s what we know, and what we can hypothesize moving forward.

  1. Organic Search results pushed to 5th position 
  2. Overall lower number of impressions ad impressions – users need to make it down to the bottom of the page to see any ad lower than 4th position.
  3. Increased value of top position – users must scroll past 4 paid options rather than 3 before reaching organic results. This increases the importance of the quality and relevancy of your ad text, creative, CTA, and destination URL. See the Top versus Other report for more insight.
  4. Similar User Experience for ads on mobile, tablet, and desktop search results. 
  5. This shift was progressive, with tests starting in 2010.
  6. This will be an ongoing list as we learn more from Google. Chat with us in the comments or on Twitter – @AdHawk

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