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How to Target & Make Bid Adjustments to Airports

Airports are one of the most granular and thus powerful geotargeting options offered by Google AdWords. Airport geotargeting, by definition, is a type of location targeting for AdWords display and search campaigns that allows you to show your ads to people who are currently inside airports (source: Google AdWords Glossary). By exclusively targeting airports, you can capture very specific demographics:

  1. Users surfing for your keywords awaiting flight boarding
  2. Users who are visiting a new city
  3. Users who are on their way out of town

This opens to door to a number of businesses that offer travel services, want to alert visitors of a certain restaurant, and much much more.

Not sure if airport targeting is right for you? There’s an easy, and FREE way to find out. Technically, if you only take your normal targeting and then layer airports within your targeted area, you gather segmented data without paying more money. For more hidden AdWords data, check out this post from Todd in Search Engine Land.

How to target Airports in AdWords

  1. From your campaign view, select the campaign that you would like to target towards Airports
  2. Click the  Settings tab
  3. Beneath Settings, click Locations
  4. Click the  +LOCATIONS  button
  5. Click Advanced Search
  6. Above the Search Bar, click on Location Groups
  7. From the Choose location group type dropdown select Places of interest
  8. Beneath that, choose  Airports  from the  Select type  dropdown.
  9. Then enter the different locations within which you would like to target the commercial areas. For example, to target all airports in the New York Tri-State area, add New York, New Jersey, Connecticut in the Search Area shown below:
    airport targeting and bid adjustment adwords
  10. Click  ADD 
  11. Click  Done  once you’ve added all the locations
  12. Click  Save  

How to Make Bid Adjustments for Airports Geotargeting

Should you find that these audience segments are performing better, or worse, than your campaign averages, you can make bid adjustments to allocate more, or less of your budget to these airport locations.

  1. From theLocations view in #3 above you should see a  Bid adj.  column
  2. Click next to the location where you would like to increase or decrease bids
  3. Type the percentage increase or increase into the bid entry box
  4. Click   Save  

Have questions on how to best leverage granular geotargeting for your business? Let us know! or on Twitter at @AdHawk. We’ll respond within the hour!


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