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How to Target the Coveted College Student Market with AdWords

Millenials are a pain to market to… especially if you don’t have the right tools.

What makes this group uniquely difficult to market to and yet more valuable than any other demographic?

What we know about College-Aged Americans (18-23) sheds light on this question:

  • They use between two and three tech devices daily (Dan Schawbel, Forbes)
  • They have the purchasing power to determine which brands will win over the next 25 years.
  • They are worth a fortune.
  • They move around more than any other demographic.

go to college gifyou should go to college

To take advantage of this lucrative market, you only need two tools:

  1.  A basic search or display campaign on Google AdWords
  2. University geotargeting in AdWords
    *Or Flytedesk, if you’re looking to run print ads in College Newspapers*

How to target college students with Google AdWords:

  1. From the  Campaign  tab view, select the campaign that you would like to target towards College Students
  2. Click the  Settings tab
  3. Beneath Settings, click Locations
  4. Click the  +LOCATIONS  button
  5. Click Advanced Search
  6. Above the Search Bar, click on Location Groups
  7. From the Choose location group type dropdown select Places of interest
  8. Beneath that, choose  Universities  from the  Select type dropdown.
  9. Then enter the different locations of universities you would like to target. For example, to target Universities within California, simply type “California” in the search box
  10. Click  ADD 
  11. Click  Done  once you’ve added all the locations
  12. Click  Save  

How to optimize and adjust bids for University Areas

Once you have your targeting set and your campaigns have had time to run, it’s important to keep a close eye on the resulting data. You may find that College students are your most valuable market, which means more budget should be allocated to those campaigns. If college students are costing you more and yeilding less conversions, you should decrease bids to these areas.

  1. From the Locations view in #3 above you should see a  Bid adj.  column
  2. Click next to the location where you would like to increase or decrease bids
  3. Type the percentage increase or increase into the bid entry box
  4. Click   Save  

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