Even if you own 3 shares of Facebook stock and it suddenly drops 5 points, you’d probably want to know what’s going on. While this might be a normal sight for Snap investors (only kidding), rational investors monitor fluctuations and attempt to understand the upward and downward drivers.

Advertisers should take the same approach to active Google AdWords campaigns. It is a crucial business investment, after all. The best way to understand why your account is trending upwards or fading downwards is to isolate the Campaigns and Ad Groups with greatest change in performance. The Top Movers Report inside Google AdWords lets you pull these reports with ease.

What is the Top Movers Report?

The Top Movers report is a quick, one-page summary of which Campaigns and Ad Groups have gone through the most drastic changes (or movement) within a specific time frame. It looks like this:


Whether it’s clicks, conversions, or costs, the report pinpoints which specific Campaigns or Ad Groups need the most attention.

It’s important to note that the Top Movers Report tracks campaigns and Ad Groups that have the largest total change, not percent change. This means a campaign that’s dropped from 20 conversions to 5 conversions will show up versus a campaign that’s dropped from 10 to 5.

Possible Causes for Drastic Change

In the Top Movers Report, Google provides advertisers “possible causes” of movement in your Campaigns or Ad Groups. They split the causes into three buckets:

  1. Changes your competitors made, such as bid increases or decreases.
  2. Changes in search traffic patterns, such as people searching more or less for your high or low cost keywords due to seasonality, brand perception, or other outside influences.
  3. Changes to your account such as a budget increase or decrease, or keyword additions or removals.

How to Find the Top Movers Report

  1. Open AdWords
  2. Select a campaign
  3. Click the Dimensions Tab
  4. In the drop down menu, select “view”
  5. Click Top Movers
  6. Click ▸ Details for more metrics

Setup Video Tutorial

Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial on how to access your Top Movers Report. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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