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How to Apply an AdWords Coupon to Your Account

When you first open an AdWords account, you should receive a welcome email from Google outlining various tutorial and account set up information. In that email should also be an AdWords Promo Code for something like $75 free ad dollars after an initial $25 deposit.

Essentially, this is free money to help you get your feet wet with AdWords with little to no financial risk at first.

To jump some steps, simply go to the promotional code management page to add a promo code, check the status of a pending code, and view your code use history.

How to Get Your AdWords Coupon

  • You should receive an email from Google when you activate your AdWords Account
  • If you DID NOT receive an email, simply search “AdWords Coupon [Current Month] [Current Year]” into Google
  • These coupons are a 1-time deal. We recommend starting a new AdWords account for each business you advertise for so you can utilize the free $$
  • IF this still does not work, call the Google AdWords support team

How to apply your AdWords coupon

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the settings icon 
  3. Select  Billing
  4. Click Manage Promotional Codes
    • You should see the active promotions in your account if there are any
    • If you’re applying a code for the first time, select  +PROMOTIONAL CODE 
  5. Enter your code
  6. Click  Save 
  7. ** If you did not receive a promo code when you opened an AdWords account, you can usually Google search “AdWords promotion code” and they will give you that month’s new user code.

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