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How to Exclude an IP Address in Google AdWords

We’ve heard a TON of stories from service professionals clicking on ads from their competitors, which can be super damaging when the cost per click sits well above $10, $20, or $54.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. As you know, the PPC landscape is a marketplace – auctioning position to the highest bidder. When given the opportunity to click on a competitors ad, would you click knowing it will cost them money and throw off their clickthrough data?giphy-12

There are a number of reason why people may click on your ad with no intent to buy (besides it being creative & engaging):

  • It’s annoying, so may as well make them pay
  • It’s a competitor… Click, click, click, click, click.
  • Your mom and dad are surfing around trying to figure out what your business does or how to find your website
  • Employees by accident (If your employees believe in your product or service, they are likely to be in your Target audience’s interest group, anyways!)
  • Employees not knowing about the Expanded Text Ad Preview Tool and thinking this is a great way to test conversion tracking.

You can eliminate some of these costly clicks by preventing your ads from showing to specific people bad intentions excluding a person’s IP address from your ad audience.

A great place to start is by excluding the shared IP address of your place of work. To find your IP address, you can simply type “my IP address” into Google.

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4 Reasons to Exclude an IP Address

  1. Direct Money Savings – Clicks equal money. It’s called Pay-Per-Click Marketing for a reason. No bad clicks = no blatantly wasted spend.
  2. Improve CTR by avoiding employees, friends, and family who see the ads but know not to click
  3. Improve Quality Score by excluding people who click but quickly exit your site
  4. Feel like a special agent (the most compelling reason to exclude IPs, obviously). Your boss will be very “impressed” #bAdPun

To get rid of potentially malicious clicks by excluding an IP address, follow these steps to learn how to exclude an IP address in Google AdWords.

6 IP Addresses to Exclude Today

  1. Your personal IP
  2. Your work IP
  3. Your co-worker’s home IP
  4. Visit your competitor’s office, get connected to their wifi, find out the IP, and exclude them from your competitor campaign. If you get emails from your competitors, this article claims to be able to prospect which IP was used to send said email. 
  5. Your parents’ home and work
  6. An IP start and end range. *This article is kind of a lot to take in, but it has some strong words about how you can use IP Ranges to your advantage in AdWords

If you’re an AdWords user and audience exclusions are new to you, you’re wrong! Just about everything you can ADD to your ad’s targeting, you can EXCLUDE from your ad’s targeting. The best advertisers layer targeting and exclusions to achieve advanced audience segmentation, prevent ad audience overlap (aka ads that compete against eachother), and apply their knowledge of their target market.

Let’s walk through how to exclude IP addresses in AdWords.

How to Exclude IP Addresses in AdWords

  1. Click on your desired Display Campaign or Search Campaign
  2. Select  Settings  from the top toolbar
  3. From the  Settings   dropdown, select  All settings  on the far left
  4. Scroll down
    • 3 lines from the bottom you will find IP exclusions
    • Click Edit
    • Enter the IP address you want taken down
  5. Hit  Save  

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