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AdWords Sitelink Extensions: Setup & Best Practice Guide

Competition on Google AdWords is intense.

And competition drives up price. In fact, the cost of text ads increased by 40% across 9 major industries from 2012 to 2014. With competition that stiff, you need to be doing everything you can to give you and your business an advantage One of the easiest ways to get a campaign boost for free is with Ad Extensions.

Today, we’re talking about the most important of ad extensions: Sitelink Extensions. Sitelinks are the 4 free additional links below your ad text that allow users to quickly navigate to specific areas of your site.

retail store sitelink extension

See how JCrew dominates the page? Sitelinks are essential for branded campaigns bidding on your company’s name and products.

In addition to page real estate dominance, Sitelinks improve the quality score of your ad, saving you money for the same level of performance.

Finally, Sitelinks help show value to potential customers before you have to pay for a click, and also factor into your ad rank.

When not to use Sitelinks? Though Sitelinks are mostly beneficial, they can steer people away from your main Destination Landing Page. If you’re looking to drive signups on a dedicated landing page, it may not be in your best interest to pay for clicks to your About, Contact, Blog, and Services pages.

How to Enable Sitelinks in Google AdWords:

  • Select the ‘Campaign’ you want to add Sitelinks to (you can also add Sitelinks at the ad group level)
  • Click the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab
  • Click the ‘View’ dropdown menu and select ‘Sitelinks extensions’
  • Click the red ‘+ Extension’ button

Looking for more? Check out our complete guide to Adwords Ad Extensions.


About the Author

Dan Pratt is the co-founder and COO of AdHawk (Techstars ‘15). Prior to founding AdHawk, he worked on the Accelerated Growth team at Google, helping startups assess, refine and grow their digital advertising. He’s an expert in all forms of paid advertising and has been honing his marketing and sales skills since selling homemade pizza from his desk in third grade.