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How to Find Display Campaign Demographic Data

Coming at ya with a quick tutorial on how to better understand your Google AdWords Display campaign audience using the Demographic data.

Starting from the “All Campaigns” default view:

  1. Click on the Display campaign you would like to know more about
  2. From the top toolbar reading select  Display Network 
  3. Click on  Demographics 
  4. Here’s the click flow for checking out location data. As you can see, both processes are pretty in depth for finding one data point.
  5. That's a lot of clicks.Click on  Demographics 
    • From this view, you can break down your ads based on who is viewing them. Using this information, you can increase your bid to improve your position with a certain demographic group or decrease bids for poorly performing demographics. (Remember, to turn off a certain audience segment, simply type “-100%” into the  Bid adj.  column
    • We’ll leave this feature for you to use as you please.

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