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Google Ads Location Extension: Setup & Best Practice Guide

It’s time to put your business on the map—literally.


Now, before you get super dizzy from that one, let’s break down the importance of the Google Ads Location Extension feature.

If you’re a standard brick and mortar retail shop, a restaurant, or any business looking to push in-store traffic, location extensions are crucial to your online presence. Essentially, Location extensions tack on your business’s address to your search or display ads as seen here: Location Extension Image

Let’s walk through an example: You just launched Crazy Crepes (CONGRATS! YOU OWN A BUSINESS! AND BONUS POINTS! ITS NAME IS ALLITERATIVE!), home of the craaaaaziest Crepes in all of Madison, Wisconsin. The only problem is, aside from foot traffic, nobody knows about the power of your chocolate Nutella banana maple-infused Crepe! You would want to first start a search campaign using keywords like “best breakfast” “Crepes” or “Food smothered in Nutella” (maybe avoid that last one). You would then want to follow the instructions below to set up a location extension. Now it’s easy for your potential customers to find you!

And Now—Something Even More Exciting

Not only do your Location Extensions impact how your ads appear in search results. They can also force your business to appear in Google Maps search results that it might not otherwise qualify for. While looking for a good spot to grab a bagel near the AdHawk office, for instance, one might also see the locations for the nearest IHOP and Panera Bread—despite both businesses being a little outside of the range of the other results.

A Note About the Instructions Below:

The instructions that follow—and the exceptionally slick YouTube video—walk you through how to go about setting up Location Extensions in the old Google Ads (née AdWords). Things are more or less the same in Google’s updated platform. And the video features our CEO’s very savvy guidance. So it’s all still worth looking over!

How to Set Up a Location Extension in AdWords:

  1. From your “Campaigns” dashboard
    • Select the campaign you would like to add your location to
  2. Select the  Ad Extensions  tab
  3. Click the View:  dropdown menu & selectLocation extensions
  4. Click the  +EXTENSION  button
    • You should see a popup menu from Google My Business, which brings 2 scenarios:
    • A. You have a Google My Business Account
      • Select  Done 
    • B. You need to set up a Google My Business Account
      • Select  Add Locations 
      • Follow the  Get on Google  instructions to register your business on Google for free!
  5. It should take a little less than 24 hours for Google My Business to sync with the ad extension, so you should be good to go after a little waiting game

Looking for more? Check out our complete guide to Adwords Ad Extensions.

Wondering how you can effectively pair location extensions with other key AdWords tools? Shoot us a comment below or Tweet us using #askAdHawk

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