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AdWords Location Extension: Setup & Best Practice Guide

It’s time to put your business on the map – literally.


Now, before you get super dizzy from that one, let’s break down the importance of the AdWords Location Extension feature.

If you’re a standard brick and mortar retail shop, a restaurant, or any business looking to push in-store traffic, location extensions are crucial to your online presence. Essentially, Location extensions tack on your business’s address to your search or display ads as seen here: Location Extension Image

Let’s walk through an example: You just launched Crazy Crepes (CONGRATS! YOU OWN A BUSINESS!), home of the craaaaaziest Crepes in all of Madison, Wisconsin. The only problem is, aside from foot traffic, nobody knows about the power of your chocolate Nutella banana maple-infused Crepe! You would want to first start a search campaign using keywords like “best breakfast” “Crepes” or “Food smothered in Nutella” (maybe avoid that last one). You would then want to follow the instructions below to set up a location extension. Now it’s easy for your potential customers to find you!

How to Set Up a Location Extension in AdWords:

  1. From your “Campaigns” dashboard
    • Select the campaign you would like to add your location to
  2. Select the  Ad Extensions  tab
  3. Click the View:  dropdown menu & selectLocation extensions
  4. Click the  +EXTENSION  button
    • You should see a popup menu from Google My Business, which brings 2 scenarios:
    • A. You have a Google My Business Account
      • Select  Done 
    • B. You need to set up a Google My Business Account
      • Select  Add Locations 
      • Follow the  Get on Google  instructions to register your business on Google for free!
  5. It should take a little less than 24 hours for Google My Business to sync with the ad extension, so you should be good to go after a little waiting game

Looking for more? Check out our complete guide to Adwords Ad Extensions.

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