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Online Advertising Video Tutorials – 85+ Videos

We’re big fans of efficiency here at AdHawk.

If we come across a strategy or tool that will help us shave a couple minutes off of our daily workflow, we’ll pretty much adopt it overnight (shout out to Slack Hacks).

It’s a big reason why we built AdHawk… automated day-to-day ad campaign optimization? Yes please.

We also talk to a lot of businesses and advertisers. And most of these professionals have the same issues navigating advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. So we decided to answer those questions and record the best strategies across advertising platforms with this library of online advertising tutorial videos.
Blogs are great, but we’ve found that video can be a much more efficient way to learn new marketing strategies – especially when they can teach you something in a minute or two. Bing, bang, account improvement.

That’s why we decided to build up the biggest library of bite-sized digital advertising education videos on the web. In these videos, Todd will walk you through how to set up everything from Instagram Ads, Google forwarding phone numbers, to deep dives into our favorite reports.

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AdHawk’s Complete List of Online Advertising Video Tutorials

Google AdWords

 AdWords Basics

AdWords Search Fundamentals

 Setting Up AdWords Extensions


Understanding Targeting and Bid Adjustments

Display Fundamentals

YouTube/Gmail Ads Fundamentals

Bidding Strategies

AdWords Conversion Tracking


Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Bing Ads

Bing Ads Basics

Bing Search Fundamentals

Understanding Targeting and Bid Adjustments for Bing

Setting Up Bing Ad Extensions

LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Ads

We hope these online advertising video tutorials will give you the strategies and tools to help your business drive sales through digital advertising. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to be notified when we launch new videos! We’ll be updating this list every few months, so feel free to check back in.

Do you have an awesome idea for a video tutorial? Let us know in the comments and will put it on our list! 

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