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Instagram Launches 60 Second Video Ads: How to Use the Extra 30 Seconds

Instagram doubles the length of video ads from 30 to 60 seconds. Since its public launch in October of 2015, Instagram Ads have hit the ground running, introducing shoppable ads, carousel ads, and direct app downloads.

This launch reinforces a number of current market trends:

  • Companies demanding social-focused media campaigns
  • Facebook’s attack on YouTube’s video monopoly
  • Lengthening Video ads across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

1. Guinness 60 Second Instagram Ads

Guinness became the first to launch a full minute ad on Instagram on Tuesday, February 2nd (Marketing Week’s Leonie Roderick reported). Unlike most social campaigns, which are oftentimes boiled down, platform-specific versions of larger media campaigns, Guinness’s ad is the same 60 second spot they’re launching across multiple TV and News Networks.

2. T-Mobile & Drake’s Super Bowl Spot on Instagram Video Ads

We’re in the #BigGame with @ChampagnePapi. #YouGotCarriered

A video posted by tmobile (@tmobile) on

Instead of repurposing content for social as an afterthought, T-Mobile and Guinness are utilizing the extended ad format to attack social audiences first. Perhaps this acts as a cheap way to validate or test minute-long ad creatives.


3. Warner Brothers: “How to Be Single” 60 Second Instagram Ad

The platform allows companies like Warner Brothers to feature full-length content to tell a more complete story to engaged audiences.


How to Construct a Dominant 60-Second Instagram Ad

Step 1: Learn how to set up your Instagram Ad Account in under 60 seconds with this quick tutorial

Step 2: Create a compelling opening

Instagram charges advertisers for each “view” which occurs when a video is played for 3 seconds or more. That’s not a lot of time to capture your audience. The intro is the most important piece of the High Clickthrough Rate puzzle. Unless you’re Old Spice, you’ll have to think outside the “take off your shirt, scream, and flex” model. We’ll help you get started:

  • Bright Colors
  • Design for small screens
  • Attract the viewer, but make sure you’re still telling your story. You can leave a viewer entertained, but if they’re unable to attach that to your brand, your money will go to waste

Step 3: Include a compelling Product Demo or Storyline

Step 4: Weave a soft call to action at the 30 second mark

You can learn a lot from YouTube research and viewing statistics. The average view time for most videos sits at the 50-60% mark. Integrate a soft call to action with your storyline. If you’re running a brand awareness campaign like Guinness and T-Mobile above, you will want to include some hint at your brand along the way.

Step 5: End with a final call to action the viewer can take with them when the video ends.

If the viewer is engaged enough to stick around for the full minute, you need to prompt them to act.

What will you do with the extra 30 seconds? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @AdHawk


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