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Crush Your Holiday Sales Goals with Your Supercustomers

Who are your Supercustomers?

Supercustomers are the 10% of buyers who account for 30%+ of your revenue and half of your profits. They are passionate advocates for your business. They interact with you on social media. They buy your highest margin products and every possible product variation.

You may think they’re a bit nuts.

Supercustomers are not simply your “biggest” customers – that is, those who buy the most. Often your biggest purchasers are channel partners, distributors, resellers, or high-volume users. They tend to be price sensitive and use your products for typical purposes.

Supercustomers are creative and use your products in ways you never expected. They’re not nuts – they just have different priorities and habits which causes them to buy more.

The biggest myth – they won’t buy more

Many businesses miss sales opportunities because they assume Supercustomers won’t buy more. According to Harvard Business Review this is a myth:

They [brand managers] assume that these customers are already maxed out and can’t be persuaded to buy more … however, we routinely see brands that are able to grow sales by finding new ways to appeal to these customers. And the phenomenon isn’t limited to CPG [Consumer Packaged Goods] categories: We have seen companies successfully execute superconsumer strategies in industries as wide-ranging as apparel, consumer durables, and financial services.
Make Your Best Customers Even Better, Harvard Business Review

How to Boost Holiday Revenue with your Supercustomers

Identify your Supercustomers

Look for the top 20% of your customers. Identify those who:

  • Mention you on social media
  • Buy a variety of products
  • Buy high-margin products
  • Regularly contact support

Rule out those who are just high-volume customers like resellers. Your should end up with a list of 5-10% of your customers.

Interview them

Try to get your Supercustomers on a phone call. A $50 gift card usually provides enough incentive. During the call ask them everything about your products and how they use them. Get permission to record the call and follow a customer development interview script.

Create Supercustomer personas

After interviewing 5-10 of them you’ll begin to see patterns. Use your notes to create Supercustomer personas. You’ll need personas to target them in Holiday advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook.

Create Supercustomer How-To content from interviews

The interviews make for great blog posts, newsletters, and case studies. Your Supercustomers may have recipes, How-To guides or hacks for using your products. If not, create them yourself based on what you learn in the conversations. Get your design team to turn them into professional content pieces.

Remember the audience for this content: other Supercustomers. So write to your Supercustomer personas and not your average customers.

For example, we have close to 100 AdWords How-To tutorials the span all levels of AdWords customers and a few hour-long in-depth presentations for people really looking to improve their AdWords.

Run Supercustomer digital advertising campaigns

Now you’re ready to give your Holiday sales a boost. Start running advertising campaigns targeted at your Supercustomers.

Use your Supercustomer personas and How-to content as a starting point. Your interviews will help you target potential Supercustomers based on attributes like geography or interests.

Ecommerce example

Put some Windex on it!

Suppose you’re an ecommerce site selling unique household cleaning products. You’ve grown a strong customer base using loads of marketing efforts (like these). Your Supercustomers are like the Portokalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


They’re buying Windex. Lots of Windex. Every possible color, smell, and size.

And you think they’re a bit nuts. I mean, how many windows can a middle-class family in Chicago have?


You get the Portokalos family on the phone and they’re thrilled to talk about Windex. You soon realize they’re not nuts – just creative. Instead of buying dozens of different household chemicals they use Windex for everything: killing insects, cleaning toys, wiping down white boards, etc. Windex is their first choice.

They can’t understand why their neighbors waste money buying dozens of products like toilet cleaners, sanitizers, ant killer when Windex can do it all. Then they casually mention exactly what you’re looking for:

“We plan on stocking up on Windex in early December to get everything clean for family visits.”


Supercustomer personas

You capture your key learnings in Supercustomer personas. The personas have everything you need to start a Facebook advertising campaign like age, geography, and interests.

How-To content

You decide to write a blog post called “21 amazing uses for Windex this Holiday season.” In the blog post you mention every possible use of Windex from cleaning floors to sanitizing toys.

The blog post CTA is a Holiday promotion. “Buy 10 bottle of Windex and get 1 free” is targeted at Supercustomers like the Portokalos family.

Supercustomer advertising campaigns

Finally you start running your Facebook ads. Your generate copy ideas from your interview notes and targeting based on your Supercustomer personas.

Want to boost your Holiday sales with better digital advertising? You’ve come to the right place. Give AdHawk a try and we’ll help you crush your Holiday sales goals.

Photo credit: Caden Crawford

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  1. ‘Supercustomers’ or ‘Heavyusers’ also consume and engage with media differently. Allocate the media mix to reach them and increase ROI. Adjust the creative within a medium, and make sure it is consistent. Also learn how the ‘Superconsumers’ influence as ‘brand ambassadors’. Do they post reviews? Send them samples. Do they like post photos and videos? Nurture that behavior by reposting. Great post in time for the Holidays.

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