1. How One Agency Increased the CTR of their Client’s Top Ranking Links 3x

This tactic will become increasingly useful as voice search (which often only provides one search result) continues to make noise in the PPC world.

2. 50,000,000+ Views Later: What I’ve Learned About Content Marketing

Podcasts, Quora, and Twitter have catalyzed successful missions for many, but is their value declining? Check the stats.

3. AdWords Just Unleashed New Enhanced CPC Settings…Be Wary

With no more cap on eCPC it seems AdWords can adjust your bids limitlessly.

4. The Quick and Dirty Guide to Building Your Startup Brand

“Your brand is what people say about you after you leave the room” — Jeff Bezos, Amazon



No need to be a mastermind developer to nail this automation. Forget the hours spent amending your library of keywords – take two minutes to learn these pro hacks.



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