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The 35 Must-Know Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

Google offers hundreds of keyboard shortcuts to streamline productivity within Google Drive & Google Docs. These can help you slice through documents and halve the amount of time spent editing, formatting, and designing your docs. That said, spending hours trying to memorize the hundreds of shortcuts provided by Google can do more harm than good to your workflow and efficiency.

That’s why we created a downloadable keyboard shortcut cheat sheet for Mac that boils those hundred shortcuts into the 35 essential shortcuts that you will use every day. Seriously. 

**If you’re not a Mac user, almost ALL of the shortcuts using COMMAND can be replaced with the CONTROL key on PC.

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1. Word Count Shortcut in Google Docs

  • For Mac: Command Shift C
  • For PC: Control Shift C

google docs word count keyboard shortcut

2. Superscripts in Google Docs Shortcut

  • Mac: Command .
  • PC: Control .

Simply highlight the portion of text or numbers you would like to turn into a superscript and then press Command period. Voilà – you’ve successfully added a superscript to your Google Doc.

3. Subscript in Google Docs Shortcut

  • Mac: Command ,
  • PC: Control ,

Highlight the text or numbers you want to turn into a subscript, then press and hold Command and comma (,) on your keyboard to write the subscript.

4. How to Start a Numbered List in Google Docs

  1. Mac: Command Shift 7
  2. PC: Control Shift 7

5. How to Start a Bulleted List in Google Docs

  • Mac: Command Shift 8
  • PC: Control Shift 8

6. How to Quickly Export a Google Doc as a PDF

  • Mac: Command P
  • PC: Control P

7. How to Quickly Select Menu Items

  • Mac: Command /
  • PC: Control /

This allows you to quickly access Google Doc features that do not have a keyboard shortcut of its own. It’s like a Google Search for Google Doc features and tools like insert image, toggle font style, and much more!

8. How to Insert a Link in Google Docs

  • Mac: Command K
  • PC: Control K

This shortcut has saved me more time than any other shortcut on our keyboard. When you pair this with the various selection shortcuts like Shift Command Arrow Keys, Copy, and Paste, you can add links to single characters, words, entire sentences, and full paragraphs.

9. Quickly Increase Font Size in Google Docs

  • Mac: Command Shift .
  • PC: Control Shift .

Use the Period to increase font size, use the comma to decrease font size of your highlighted text.

10. Jump to the Bottom or Top of a Document

  • Mac: Command Up/Down arrow
  • PC: Control Up/Down arrow

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These shortcuts have helped thousands of small business, flooring retailers in Orlando & flooring retailers in Sarasota increase their efficiency with Google Docs. In fact, when we acquired FloorForce last year, we gave this post to the team as an on-boarding document to Google Docs, & they are now Google Docs experts.

Do you have a favorite shortcut? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Hi Kobe! If you have highlighted the text you’d like to superscript, pressed command + . (on a Mac), or control + . (on a PC), it should work! Make sure you have highlighted the text first!

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