1. How to Rank for ‘Position 0’ in 3 Simple Steps

Is this your first time hearing about position 0? Check out how Google is leveraging it to drive voice search here.

2. Instagram Ads Can Now be Linked to Your Messenger Account

A whole new avenue for bots to make their presence known!

3. Hubspot: Top Challenges Marketers Face Today

4. What Makes Up a Showcase Shopping Ad?

Only available on the new AdWords Experience, this ad format is great for gauging which products perform best on PPC.



Get to Know the New AdWords Interface

Moving around the AdWords dashboard can sometimes feel like manuvering through an obstacle course…it’s part of why we started AdHawk.

This week Google unveiled some new looks/features on the AdWords dashboard and released this guide on how to manage campaigns in the new AdWords Experience.



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