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3 Unconventional Tools to Enhance Your eCommerce Landing Page Conversion Rate

Let’s face it, some kids never grow up. But you… you got a real job. You rented your own apartment. Maybe you even got married. Started a family. Decided to raise kids. Bought a house.

You found out that adulting is a real thing and you’re proud of how mature you have become.

Yes Cheech, yes it is.

Yet no matter how adult you consider yourself to be, and I mean NO MATTER HOW ADULT YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE, you will never be able to resist spinning a wheel for free stuff – even if it means giving a sales team your coveted email address.

And if you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, welcome to the 3 most unconventional conversion boosters on the wild-wild-web (You’ll get the reference when you get to example #1).

But first, let’s lay down the groundwork.

What is a landing page anyway?

Landing pages are web pages that your leads ‘land’ on after they click your beautiful ad. Your landing page should be designed to foster conversions, such as purchases, an email capture, or booking a phone call.

AdHawk's Landing Page
AdHawk’s very own landing page.

There are cool landing pages, high converting landing pages, mobile responsive landing pages, optimized landing pages, and the list goes on and on. That said, all landing pages have one thing in common: their ultimate goal is to convert.

How to Build a High Converting Landing Page

You could look at a million sites for landing page design inspiration, then A/B test every single option on your website. But let’s face it, you are not immortal. You have a limited number of hours in the day, and you want to boost your landing page conversion rates now.

So, what can you do to immediately improve your landing page conversion rates without much effort?

Option A: follow the landing page best practices highlighted by Unbounce in our super epic co-webinar.


Option B: use the tools that we’ve seen used in the best landing pages of 2018, highlighted below.


Companies like Wheelio, Spin-a-Sale, Listagram, Optimonk and more have revolutionized the conversion-focused optimization game by turning e-commerce landing pages into full-blown carnivals!

Wheelio gamifies email captures!

Well maybe they forgot the funnel cakes and ferris wheels (you’re welcome for the idea!), but to be honest, I’ve never seen a landing page tool that makes dropping my email address so fun and effortless. 

Just take a look at these landing page examples to see for yourself: (p.s. You might need to scroll around a bit before it pops up)

How many of those did you fill out?! All of them right?

Things to look forward to:

  1. Pricing for Spin-a-Sale starts as low as $4.99/mo.
  2. Wheelio and Listagram have free 7-day trials, but start at $14.99 and $19.99/mo respectively.
  3. Spin-a-Sale and Wheelio recently released integrations with Shopify and are working on integrations with other platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento to make implementation a breeze.
  4. Users have seen 15%+ increases in on-site conversions for email captures.

Things to look out for:

  1. Test page load speeds before and after implementation with Google PageSpeed Insights and bounce rates with Google Analytics.
  2. If your goal is to push on-site purchases, be careful that this form doesn’t distract the user in their path to purchase.
  3. Test a timed pop-up vs. an immediate one. Wheelio suggests that you set it to pop up at the average exit time. This way you’re likely to capture a user who was not going to purchase immediately anyway.

P.S. Let’s not be surprised that this is the guy who created it. I think him and I would be great friends.

#2 Using Social Proof to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates

Speaking of friends, did you know word-of-mouth is the most trusted source ever? Nielson said it in 2015, so it must be true 😁.

HubSpot also agrees with Nielson according to this chart they made, which shows how your promoters can turn strangers into customers.

Customer Journey Chart
source: Hubspot

Whether you knew that nifty fact or not, the eCommerce optimization company Proof did, and they decided to do something about it.

Proof has proven to increase conversion rates to over 60% by including pop-up snippets with fun “Social Proof” stats on them. FYI, the eCommerce industry average for landing page conversion rates is ~2%). You can check out an example of their tool in the bottom left corner of the gif here:

“🔥 297 people signed up in the last 24 hours”

“👀 619 people are viewing this site”

“💁 Heather recently signed up for Proof”

The idea behind Proof is that if X # of people are using your product, others can trust you too. For example, Proof says that 297 people signed up in the last 24 hours which means this thing is HOT. It makes me think to myself, “hey, if it’s working for everyone else, I should probably buy it right away.”

While I might not consciously care that “Heather recently signed up for Proof,” I’m almost positive there’s some psychological principle that proves that I’m more likely to trust the source after seeing some form of validation.

In addition to these mind-bending pop-ups on your site, Proof creates profiles for each visitor that converts. They’ll populate these profiles with additional information about the lead and give you analytical data such as # of visits and time spent on site.

Things to look forward to:

  1. Proof has integrations with all of the popular platforms you’re probably using.
  2. Pricing starts at only $29.99/mo
  3. 14 Day Free Trial

Smart Tip: Don’t use this product if you have zero website visitors and/or conversions…not a great look.

(Sidenote: How mad do you think the people at were when they saw that currently hosts this? What a waste of a great domain!)


Now if you’re a real adult, you probably remember when “focus groups” were a thing. With the internet the way it is these days, you don’t actually have to ask permission to watch a user’s session on your site – in other words, no need to hire a bunch of people to come into the office and analyze how your website is used.

crazyegg-heatmap is a landing page session tracker that allows you to identify why some crazy eggs got to your site and immediately bounced. It also shows you why other crazy eggs actually bought something from you.

Were your CTA’s clear enough? Were they dealing with difficult load speeds? Were they browsing where you wanted them to? What was the first button they clicked? Which headlines are the stickiest? These are all things you can identify with this landing page conversion tool. CrazyEgg isn’t the only one though.

Crazy Egg Alternatives:

Things to look forward to:

Hours of great video content to close the feedback loop and help improve your site (or alternatively, hours of pulling your hair out while sending angry late-night messages to your web developers)

Things to watch out for: Be careful not to over analyze every individual move a user makes. Look for general themes and trends among sessions.


I know! I said there were only 3 tools here. But as you may have noticed, I’m a rule breaker. So I thought it’d be cool to show you one more handy-dandy tool to increase conversion rates on your website. 

Unbounce, makes it easy to create, implement, and test different variations of landing pages on your site.

Now, if you’re new to landing pages, just remember one thing:

Trampolines are cool because they bounce. Landing pages are cool because they don’t.

Not only does having a well-designed landing page increase your conversion rates, it will increase your Google AdWords quality score. In turn, you’ll get more visits and higher conversion rates. Win-Win.

Being able to quickly draft up a beautiful landing page and easily test variations will be the key to figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

For more information on how Unbounce can help you optimize both pre-click and post-click conversions, you can slide right into the webinar we hosted with them back in February.

It’s time to increase your conversion rates!

Hope you enjoyed learning about some tools to help increase onsite conversions for your website. If you’d like to learn more about pre-visit optimizations or how to drive more traffic to your site with digital advertising, feel free to sign up for a free consultation about how AdHawk can help here.

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