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1. Setting Up Your First AdWords Campaign
ppc campaign set up

2. And you think you’re good to go after launching said campaign
first adwords campaign gif

3. But your broad match keywords produce some… unexpected results
search terms report

4. And you’ve got some b(ad) targeting
bad ad targeting

5. And your landing page doesn’t deliver
bad landing page performance

6. And then you realize that your competitors are bidding on your brand name
competitor keyword bidding

7. So you run a branded keyword campaign
branded keyword campaign

8. And make your first attempts at customizing your ads for mobile

mobile advertising
Jon Snow knows nothing about mobile marketing

9. Because Tablet and Mobile users just aren’t convertingtablet ad performance

10. Then you attempt to structure your Google Shopping Merchant Center
structuring google shopping

11. Things are working… but you’re not sure how
understanding roas

12. Maybe you have a big budget to work with, so this should be easy, right?
large budget ppc help

13. Either way, you’re starting to feel like this guy

adwords horror stories
Shout out to Kirk Williams

14. Because things are pretty hectic.
ppc advertising is hard


 BUT! There are some great ways to improve your performance and understand your campaigns!

15. Sending Bad Keywords to the Grave

adding negative keywords
Learn how to use the search terms report and negative keywords

16. Achieve hero status by turning off bad settings like accelerated delivery

accelerated delivery adwords
Make sure to turn off these four as well

17. You finally turn your ads off mobile & mobile apps (by excluding: adsenseformobileapps.com)

throw phone in frustration

18. Your find some awesome advertising tutorial videos
video tutorial gif

19. And you start gaining confidence. You’ve got (G)mail Ads!

gmail ads gif

20. You set up ad extensions, which is like free money

improve roas
AdWords Ad Extension Guide

21. But then the Holiday season comes around and you have to plan your ad campaigns

ppc holiday campaign

22. You let us run your campaigns for you

advertising automation
We’d like to think of AdHawk as the arm holding your beer here while you dance

23. [Your Gif Here]

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