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Opt-In! A Sales and Marketing Podcast

All Aboard the Live Video Hype Train!

with Alessandra Colaci

The live video hype train has been barreling down the tracks since Meerkat (RIP-ish) and Periscope squared off in 2015. Some look at it as a passing fad that will fail to catch on with the public, while others remain bullish that it would be the future of social media interaction as we know it.  

The truth is it’s still too early to tell, but marketers should be playing close attention to the space. If it continues to grow, it may be the best (and most sincere) way to engage with your audience.


Today we’re sitting down with Alessandra Colaci to talk about the rise of live video platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope.

Alessandra is a self proclaimed marketing ninja and has helped companies like Coca-Cola, Marshalls, and TJ MAXX leverage digital marketing to build active communities online.

On this episode of the Opt-In! podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why live video could be a compelling addition to you digital marketing strategy
  • What it takes to make yourself interesting to a live video audience
  • Some live video pioneers you should be taking notes from


Show-notes from the Podcast

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