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Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

with CopyHacker's Joanna Weibe

A few years ago the internet chewed me out for using the word “kick-ass” in a piece of content I wrote for my first startup.

It was my first widely acknowledged content marketing blunder, and it was embarrassing.


I will defend to the death the use of words like “kick-ass” in a piece of content if it makes sense (I mean we do have the word “suck” on our landing page), but this event did open my eyes to the bounty of mistakes that can be made when pursuing content marketing.

Today we’re sitting down with Joanna Wiebe to talk about some of those mistakes that you need to avoid like the plague.

Hint: content writers and tattooers share one thing in common…the good ones ain’t cheap.

Joanna is the founder of Copy Hackers—a service that helps startups accelerate their growth through content marketing. They promise to help make your your content more persuasive, believable and usable, it says so right on their website 😉

On this episode of the Opt-In! podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why good content marketing can’t be cheap or easy
  • The dangers of using words like kick-ass and mofo to make yourself standout
  • Some tips on weaving your sales pitch inside of your content without looking shady


Show-notes from the Podcast

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