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Opt-In! A Sales and Marketing Podcast

What To Do When Your Market Changes Quickly

with Dave Balter

Markets change quickly. They always will, because everyone’s likes, dislikes, preferences, favorites, and least favorites are ever-changing.

And we get it. As business owners, it’s hard to ever feel truly comfortable with where your company is at, because it could all change overnight. Companies that once reigned supreme five, ten, or twenty years ago no longer exist and appear to fade into oblivion.

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To address some concerns regarding changes in your business and how to best handle them, we brought in Dave Batler. From working at a 100-person WOM marketing company during the early days of Facebook, to finding the best way to organize and lead a 15-person team as CEO, Dave’s no stranger to change.

As a seasoned marketing professional as well as a person who’s built teams from the ground up, he can attest to the fact that defining a role in an ever-changing industry isn’t an easy task when you’re simultaneously trying to work to scale your business.

Be sure to stay tuned for the rapid-fire portion of the podcast where we ask Dave questions like which marketing channel he thinks is dead and which aspect of marketing not even he himself could figure out.

On this episode of the Opt-In! podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How word of mouth marketing has evolved over time.
  • What a “Top 5 List” is and how you can use one to define your role.
  • The one thing that most marketers get wrong.

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Show-notes from the Podcast

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