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Why Your Facebook Ads Strategy Isn’t Working

with Soso Sazesh, founder of Growth Pilots

You don’t want to miss the target with your Facebook Ads.

(But if you do, make sure it is as spectacular as this man tossing an ax flying at a drumline player…)

Facebook’s ad platform is ridiculously good at targeting users that could be potential customers.

Still, developing your strategy from scratch can be a difficult task.

Soso Sazesh, founder of Growth Pilots, sits down with us to discuss why so many businesses fail when it comes to building out a Facebook Ads strategy.

Soso has helped companies like WordPress, Intuit, and Kissmetrics grow their customer-base through paid acquisition channels.

On this episode of the Opt-In! podcast, you’ll learn:

  • The differences between Facebook and Google AdWords
  • Why ad fatigue is a real thing
  • The hidden gems in Facebook Ads that will take your business to the next level


Show-notes from the Podcast

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Dan Pratt is the co-founder and COO of AdHawk (Techstars ‘15). Prior to founding AdHawk, he worked on the Accelerated Growth team at Google, helping startups assess, refine and grow their digital advertising. He’s an expert in all forms of paid advertising and has been honing his marketing and sales skills since selling homemade pizza from his desk in third grade.