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Opt-In! A Sales and Marketing Podcast

The Art of Hiring the Best Sales People Possible – Listen First

with Best-Selling author Andy Paul

We all know the golden rule of sales at this point. Three simple letters that get to the core of every great salesperson.





It’s catchy. It’s true. And who could argue with a young Alec Baldwin?

The thing is, there’s another golden rule of sales that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.




Hire the Right Salespeople.

Ok, so it’s not nearly as catchy, and I’m a terrible fill-in for Mr. Baldwin, but it’s true. Hiring the best salespeople is essential to growing your business. Get it right, and you could be on a one way trip to Money Town. Get it wrong, and, well don’t get it wrong…

It’s important to understand just how hard this process is, so today we’re sitting down with Andy Paul to talk about the secrets to hiring the best salespeople to take your business to the next level

Andy is a sales coach, a podcaster, and author of the award winning book Zero Time Selling. He’s worked with the top Fortune 1000 companies to help refine their sales approach, and he’s here today to discuss what it takes to hire the best salespeople possible.

On this episode of the Opt-In! podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What a good first sales hire looks like for most companies
  • The best questions to ask a potential sales hire in an interview
  • The resources you can use to make hiring a salesperson easy


Show-notes from the Podcast

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Dan Pratt is the co-founder and COO of AdHawk (Techstars ‘15). Prior to founding AdHawk, he worked on the Accelerated Growth team at Google, helping startups assess, refine and grow their digital advertising. He’s an expert in all forms of paid advertising and has been honing his marketing and sales skills since selling homemade pizza from his desk in third grade.