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9 Tips to Jumpstart Your Snapchat Marketing Strategy

The Future of Advertising is Socially Integrated Digital Platforms

Don Draper and the real Mad Men understood advertising & marketing. They KNEW that long-term success depends on how flexible you are as a marketer.

How good are you at adapting to change?

Search Engine Marketing didn’t exist 16 years ago. Social Media Marketing didn’t exist 10 years ago. Facebook advertising for businesses didn’t exist 5 years ago.

Marketing on Snapchat didn’t exist until 2015. Catch our drift?

It’s time to adapt & we’re here to help.

Last week, we wrote a guide to Snapchat AdvertisingBut ours isn’t the only opinion on Snapchat’s rapidly expanding marketing platform. Here are 9 next-level tactics the top marketers are already leveraging to drive growth via Snapchat.

1. Not Convinced? Data doesn’t lie.

Why should you use Snapchat Ads? It outdoes every competitor according to the study below.

Snapchat Ads Most Likely To Encourage Customers to Purchase

Snapchat Ads are most likely to convince consumers to purchase what is advertised.

Via Media Science Labs

Sydney Parker with HootSuite found this interesting survey comparing Snapchat Ads to ads on other platforms:

“Snapchat says its ads garnered twice the visual attention of Facebook and 1.5 times more than Instagram. They were also 1.3 times more effective than YouTube. When compared to those platforms and TV, Snapchat claims that its ads generated greater emotional response and twice as much intent to purchase.”

Snapchat is still fighting it’s way to the top of the social media world. Statistically, it currently carries only a small fraction of the users on Facebook and Twitter.

But the key word in those statistics is ACTIVE. Evan Spiegel, chief executive at Snapchat, doesn’t care about knowing his total users. What Snapchat is guaranteeing you that neither Facebook or Twitter are in their user stats is that you have 100 million, actively participating eyes on your ads.

Read Sydney’s guide over on the Hootsuit Blog

2. The 8 Commandments For Beginning Snapchatters

Snapchat Tip: Not sure where to start with Snapchat? Stick to these 8 Commandments from MediaKix  and you will not be lead astray Snapchat Ads.


3. Let People Know You Are On Snapchat

Snapchat Tip: Reach out to your followers on other social media sites and direct them to your Snapchat using enticing content.

The Social Network - Mark Zuckerberg's Attention

Don’t settle for the minimum amount of your audience’s attention.

While Snapchat is moving up the ranks to become the most popular social media platform, it is still a generally new platform with a limited audience (teens and college students for the most part). Even with it’s 200 million user base, you will want to consider reaching out on regularly used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Teresa Litza of Clickz offers some sterling advice on this front from her article on Snapchat for business:

“You might also create cross-platform content that will lead your audience to Snapchat, by enticing them with exclusive content, a contest, or a special offer.”


Nothing like free food to steal a millennial’s heart.

4. How Do You Let People Know? The Snap Code

Snapchat Tip: Check out this detailed guide to learn how to design a unique Snap Code for your business to expand its brand-reach on Snapchat.

To make your life dramatically easier when it comes to sharing your Snaps, Snapchat invented a QR code called “Snap Code.” Brandon Mack of Envisage offers an incredibly-detailed guide that features an excellent breakdown of what Snap Codes are and how to create your own:

“A Snap Code works as Snapchat’s follow button… you can simply use the app, scan their code and voila! They automatically get added to your friends list. If you were with the person you want to friend, they could open up their code in their app, and you could just point your Snapchat camera at it. If you were somewhere else, they could screenshot their code, send it to you, and scan the code via a photo.”

popular snapcodes

An example of what you can do with your Snap Code.

Snapchat codes ultimately act as the ticket for your customers to reach your stories. Keeping your Snap Code clean and simple will allow you to maximize your Snapchat audience.

5. Content Brainstorm Boost

Snapchat Tip: Snapchat is all about what is happening in the moment. Behind the scenes, giveaways, and any other immediate content is most effective when engaging Snapchat users.

Not sure where to start on developing content for Snapchat? Denise Chang at Power Digital Marketing has some awesome ideas to get you started:

    • “Behind the scenes” coverage of events & business operations, and premieres
    • Giveaway contests or vouchers. Use “Screenshot this Snap” as your Call to Action (CTA) 
    • Build suspense with a daily countdown of upcoming events or giveaways
    • Post Snaps of your best unedited video content (blend in with the rest of the curated content!)
    • Personalized creatives that users can screenshot and use personally


GrubHub has Snapchat content down to a science.

6. Find Your Inner “Snapperhero”

Snapchat Tip: Creative, sponsored scripted series (fictional stories that play out in multiple episodes like a TV show, but include some form of branding) are excellent new direction to take Snapchat advertising. Big companies like AT&T, Sony Music, and others believe in it. Your brand should too.

Spontaneous, in the moment Snapchats might not be your thing. We get it. Scripted series is a completely new and fairly unexplored terrain in the Snapchat world and, with the right creative team and idea, might be the perfect route to go. David Bloom of Deadline Hollywood wrote about one such occasion, the first scripted series ever on Snapchat, “SnapperHero,” which was sponsored by AT&T.

7. Don’t Miss the Target

Snapchat Tip: You can target your audience the same way you would for a TV commercial.

It isn’t clear yet how similar Snapchat’s API will be to Google AdWords, YouTube, or Facebook Ads. One concern out there with ads on Snapchat is how one can target their ads to certain demographics. But Jamie O’Brien at Sprinklr thinks that targeting your ads is already possible:

“So how will ads be targeted on Snapchat if there is no user data? It makes it tricky, but not impossible. Ads are still targeted on TV based on the demographics of those who watch certain shows, and this could be applied to Stories.

8. Users Can Smell Your B.S.

Snapchat Tip: Create organic content. No high production value, just a real, honest look into your business, complete with all the funky doodles you can possibly imagine.


Your doodles need not be this detailed but… hey, why not give it a try?

This isn’t Instagram; there’s no need to photoshop the world’s most beautiful, generic nature photo and stamp a fancy logo on there. 35% of Snapchat Users are on Snapchat because their content disappears in 24 hours.

Elizabeth Segran of Fast Company spoke with 5 startups already reaping the benefits of Snapchat, including Lindsay Kaplan, the VP of Communications for Casper (a lifestyle e-commerce brand that sells beds). Segran and Kaplan talked about how viewers want an “honest glimpse into a brand’s world,” and that Snapchat users have a finely-tuned “bullshit meter.”

MeUndies, an underwear subscription startup, puts this theory to practice, giving us a perfect example of an entertaining Snapchat Story with an organic feel.


9. Why Users Already Hate You

Snapchat Tip: Snapchat users are extra sensitive to ads, given the platform was previously ad-free and the full-screen nature of ads. Make content and creative your priority when crafting ads for Snapchat.

Gordon Ramsay Is Angry About Typical Ads

See Your Snapchat audience like a bunch of Gordon Ramsay’s but younger and less talented at cooking.

From the get go, a refreshing aspect for Snapchat users was the lack of advertisements. Even with the current advertising environment on the platform, Snapchat has maintained a stress on content, meaning not just any ad will be given the green light. Garett Sloane of Digiday wrote a piece on the potential for Snapchat Ads user backlash:

“Instagram went from exclusively showing highly stylized, carefully crafted ads to allowing almost any ad once it opened its API last year. ‘The bad part is if advertisers jump in there, if people are testing the waters that shouldn’t be and doing crappy creative, there could be a backlash, [Chad] Martin said. Martin has worked with brands like Gatorade and Wendy’s on Snapchat campaigns. ‘If it’s done in the right way, I see it as a positive evolution for the platform.’”

Only time will tell whether or not Snapchat Ads is a true game changer for the marketing world. Until then, we encourage you to step out of the digital marketing box we’re all used to and let your brand be a trailblazer in redefining the way we experience marketing.

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  1. Snapchat is a growing platform and can be a great way to connect with your target audience, get your name out there, and increase the liking of your business. Great post!

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