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4 Marketing Twitter Chats that Don’t Suck

Times are tough for Marketers on Twitter these days. With all the automated spammy bologna out there, it’s not only tough to find quality content, but also get your quality content noticed.

Twitter lists are just an attempt to get you to follow them back and click on their crap.

Twitter DM’s are all automated.

And just about every single hashtag feed is insanely congested…except for 4.

If you’re a #marketer on Twitter, these 4 Twitter feeds are all you need to engage with your community.

1. #PPCChat

Frequency: Weekly
Tuesday at 12:00PM EST (UTC -5)
WhoAspiring PPC pros, AdWords Nerds, Bing Ads evangelists, and overall Search, Display, and PPC gurus.

Add #AdWeekChat to your Calendar

We love PPC chat and we love Matt Umbro for creating it. This chat covers all things strategy, news, tips, tricks, bugs, banter, and more. If you’re hoping to learn PPC, this is the best place to go for quick, 140 character tidbits.

It’s important that you join the live feed or scroll to the chat itself. The feed gets pretty flooded throughout the week with marketers trying to get the attention #PPCchatters.

Since its start in 2011, James Svoboda and Paul Kragthorpe have helped keep this thing going.

Website & Chat Archive:

2. #AdWeekChat

Frequency: Weekly
When: Wednesdays at 2:00PM EST (UTC -5)
Who: Brand professionals, advertising professionals, media buyers, brand storytellers

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AdWeek lives more in the large media and creative agency space, covering advertising and marketing news from Fortune500 companies and media giants like NBC, Nike, and Coke. That said, they do an awesome job of covering a wide audience with their thought-provoking questions and engaging content.

Website Archive: AdWeek Chat

3. #BufferChat

Frequency: Weekly
When: Wednesdays at 12:00pm EST (UTC -5) & 4:00pm AEST (UTC +10)
Who: Online marketers, social media professionals, website owners, small to medium sized business professionals, growth marketers, agencies, and more.

Add #BufferChat to your Calendar

Social Media Marketing giant Buffer hosts an awesome chat around a new theme each week. Topics cover a wide range of the business, personal and online marketing worlds. These chat at jam-packed with testimonies from industry experts, key insights into Buffer’s internet marketing success, and fun, actionable content.

Archive & Recaps: BufferChat

4. #AdWordsTips

Frequency: Weekly
When: Ongoing
Who: Online marketers, social media professionals, website owners, small to medium sized business professionals, growth marketers, agencies, and more.

This is a new endeavor from Google. In 2016, they’ve made a huge push to engage more with the PPC community through content, social, and email marketing. This “chat” is a feed of answers to weekly questions such as “What’s your best advice on remarketing?”. They then compile the best responses in a weekly article.

Share your #AdWordsTips

Website & Archive: AdWords Tip Archive

7 Rules of Engagement During Twitter Chats

  1. No Links unless asked.
  2. Stand out from the crowd. Contribute graphs, statistics, and perfect reaction GIFs to strengthen the quality of the chat and get noticed in the chat! We love contributing the perfect PPC GIF to #ppcchat
  3. Don’t be afraid to break-off into side conversations!
  4. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all
  5. Favorite, share, and reply to your favorite tweets so they get noticed in the feed
  6. Ask for deeper explanation of answers
  7. Follow this format for response tweets:

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