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The 5 Best Marketing-Satire Twitter Accounts

Just like any great piece of writing, let me begin with a Merriam-Webster dictionary definition:

clickbait: n “something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest”

Along with “emoji” ?, “photobomb”, and “NSFW”, clickbait was added to Webster’s unabridged online dictionary this year. Though it’s specified as leading to content “of dubious value,” clickbait exceeds well beyond those sketchy “Around the Web” ads you oftentimes see on all sorts of sites, from the Huffington Post to

around the web satire

These types of posts aren’t confined to Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. Clickbait is everywhere. Marketers tell you about “the 5 essential tools to be a successful marketer” to drive web traffic, movie production companies give you “an exclusive sneak peak into Superman’s new suit” in an attempt to go viral, and sites like BuzzFeed and UpWorth try to literally rip your heart out in 140 characters for clicks that have driven them to become some of the most popular sites on the web (37th & 463rd most visited sites in the United States, according to Alexa).


Buzzfeed Titles
Hooray for posting 11 year old’s text messages!

Though it may seem pretty hypocritical based on our topic at hand here, we’ve assembled our 5 favorite Twitter accounts that have a little fun with advertisers who are trying a little too hard to garner clicks.

The 5 Best Marketing Satire Twitter Accounts

1. Saved You A Click


@SavedYouAClick is the spoiler alert you never thought you needed. They take the open-ended “guess who Tom Cruise converted to Scientology” headlines and save you the click with simple 1-5 word answers:

Most importantly, their crosshairs & BuzzFeed cross paths often:

YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT THIS TEACHES YOU ABOUT MARKETING: Be straightforward. The value of a click that is rewarded with as-promised content will lead to more brand affection than a headline the misleads and wastes the time of the user.

2. HuffPo Spoilers


News sources are one of clickbait’s early fan-boys, with their BREAKING NEWS and DEVELOPING STORIES. Though this account gets a bit snarky, they reveal an important point about news media’s need to stoop to clickbait levels to capture an audience and stay relevant.

Breaking News



3. Clickbait SCOTUS


Are reputable news sources too obvious about their content? Do you want some guesswork as to what you’re actually clicking on when you find a news link? Then @clickbaitSCOTUS is for you. As described in their bio, Clickbait SCOTUS rewrites Supreme Court syllabi to make them clickable.


4. Brands Saying Bae



I’m just going to leave a few highlights here for your enjoyment. Brands are always trying to tap into younger, phresher markets. Oftentimes, as @brandssayingbae will show ya, they try a little too hard.

Let’s try one for McDonald’s… TIL: You’re basic AF if you don’t think these on fleek nuggets aren’t bae

5. Film Clickbait


Film blogs will do anything to keep the buzz hovering around a movies with their long production cycles. Film clickbait allows you to keep up with all the latest rumors that don’t matter in a sentence or less.

@filmClickbait also has a super entertaining personal vendetta against @CinemaBlend:

PLEASE share your favorite clickbait tweets, marketing snafus, and mismarketing moves with us on Twitter. We love this stuff.


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