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How to Use Twitter Ads to Increase Followers

No matter how much code your developers can crush, your biz devz can schmooze, or design team can write novels with color selection and font type, a successful product cannot exist without establishing marketing, news, and general support channels to position yourself as a reputable source within a community. Though Twitter is now seen as an old dog in the social media market, you can still teach it new tricks within the confines of 280 characters.

dog stuck gifWith almost 300,000,000 users, the Twitter community is an integral resource for you and your business. Though we have a lot to say about ensuring the sharing of creative content, growth hacks, and best-practices on Twitter here at adHawk, I’m going to show you how to use paid advertising on Twitter to grow your follower base and start claiming a better piece of that 300 million user pie. 

As you will see, we’ve eaten a bit of our own dog food in the 6 weeks since we made this video, growing over 600%. Though we can attribute the majority of our growth to persistently engaging content and a few growth hacks, we are definite fan-boys of Twitter Ads. If you have any questions along the way, Tweet your questions with #askadHawk and we’ll get back to you within the hour!

How to set up your Followers Campaign to gain new Twitter followers:

  1. Sign into your Twitter account via
  2. [Click] on your icon in the upper righthand corner
  3. [Click] Twitter Ads from the dropdown menu
     Welcome to the Twitter Ads Dashboard 
  4. Click Create new campaign in the upper right hand corner
  5. Select Followers from the dropdown menu
     Setting up the Campaign 
  6. Name your campaign with a descriptive title for housekeeping & organization
  7. Choose when to begin the campaign
  8. Compose a new tweet or choose one or more existing Tweets to promote – this bit is up to you. Here are some of our suggestions:
    – Compose a tweet that includes a call to action, such as “follow us for xyz”
    – Select your most popular tweet. The community has already selected your most engaging content for you. If it and broke…
    – Both!
  9. Select locations: Enter the places that you would like to have your Tweet seen. It is good to see
  10. Select Gender, Languages, Devices, platforms, and carriers: The more specific you get, the less your reach will be, but with proper targeting you can improve engagement. See the summary of the maximum sized target audience “TARGET SUMMARY” box on the right hand side
  11. Include & Exclude Interests: Things people LIKE on Twitter
  12. Include & Exclude Behaviors: Things people DO on Twitter
  13. Set Budget
    – Daily Budget will cap the amount spent on a single day
    – Total budget (optional) can help keep tabs on total spend
    ✔️Save Campaign ✔️

In the spirit of this post, hit us up on Twitter @adhawk or with the hashtag #askadHawk with any questions about your Twitter Ads!

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