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AdWords Tips & Tricks Live – Original Dashboard Walkthrough

Being ex-Googlers, we’re constantly asked questions like “What’s the best way to hack your quality score?”, or “How the hell do I get in touch with my assigned Google Account rep?”. We’ll typically write blog posts for the ones that are asked over and over again (like the two mentioned above), but sometimes a single blog post just doesn’t cut it.

To dive deep into some of these questions, there’s no better format than in person Q&A. But since all of you marketing nerds are scattered across the country, we figured a live AdWords Tips and Tricks chat via YouTube would be the next best thing.

In our first live chat, we dove deep into areas of AdWords that we’re just not able to cover on the blog. Have AdWords questions of your own? Tweet @adhawk or comment anytime!

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AdWords Live Chat #1: Original AdWords Dashboard Walkthrough

AdWords Live Chat #2: Google Shopping Holiday Adstravaganza 2017

We’ve joined forces with Google to compile our favorite Google Shopping strategies for eCommerce into one quick webinar. Only have time for one nugget? Learn about 2017’s best Google Shopping strategy – funnel prioritization.
Download the Free Google Shopping Priority Settings Funnel Infographic

Upcoming AdWords Sessions

We keep a running lists of AdHawk Webinars and AdWords tutorials for all our latest video content.

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